Hi, my name’s Edward.

I’m co-founder and Integrator at Course Concierge, the online course publishing house.

There are three topics I’m especially interested in:

My work is at the intersection of business and media, and I’ve a particular fascination with America in the 20th century – the “American Century” as Henry Luce put it.

  1. Fostering entrepreneurship in the young. We aim for Course Concierge to become a magnet for ambitious people going places; a first step to get a start, and an opportunity similar to one I was fortunate to land at 17. If that’s you: pitch me any time on coming to work with us.
  2. Making advertising a force for good. At Course Concierge we look to “purify” direct response marketing, taking dirty tactics from a sleazy industry and making them “grandma-approved”. In the foreword to David Ogilvy’s Confessions of an Advertising Man, it was said that David made advertising “almost respectable”. We aim to get it over the line. (Interestingly, if you think “advertising” has a stigma, “propaganda” used to be a positive word. Its original meaning, in the 18th century, meant “propagating the faith”, and soon thereafter spreading a message for good. It wasn’t until WWI the word soured and took on a meaning of political disinformation.)
  3. To champion the role of the Integrator. Early in my career I had the good fortune to be told, and sense enough to listen, that I’m suited by disposition to be a #2 in a company – the detail-oriented operations person versus the Visionary #1. But what does that actually mean? Most people haven’t a clue, and those with similar aptitude have a great deficiency of public-facing role models. (To demonstrate: can you name a single COO other than Sheryl Sandberg?) I’d like to change that, and make “operations” a smidge better understood. With so many organisational problems in the world: this is how to actually get things done.